For some years we specialised exclusively with BigCommerce from its launch in 2009, initially offering it because it’s one of the easiest ecommerce platforms for clients to use and manage themselves. Now we’ve selected additional platforms that provide choice to our clients and cater for specific requirements best serviced by a particular platform.

In every case, it’s important that the Control Panel is easy to use, and we can ensure a secure website that performs well. To help you choose the right platform, we’ve highlighted some key factors about each one below.

Cloud based
enterprise ecommerce
  • No transaction fees
  • Many out-of-the-box features
  • Social integration
  • For new to high-volume businesses
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Cloud based
SMB ecommerce
  • No order limits
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • POS Solution available
  • ‘Lite’ plan available
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Managed/self hosted
  • The most popular store platform
  • Built for WordPress
  • Extensively customisable
  • Over 300 free and paid extensions
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Need an ERP system?

We also partner and develop with Brightpearl which offers inventory, orders, customers and finances in a single system, and integrates with BigCommerce, Shopify and WooCommerce.

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Tailored Ecommerce Solutions

Every solution we recommend has been tested thoroughly with our client in mind. However there is still a choice as to which platform to use and to make this process as painless as possible for you, we have listed some factors we’ll consider when making a recommendation:

Your Product Catalogue

Whether you have 1, 100 or 1,000,000 products to sell online, we can find a platform that suits. With this in mind, if you’re selling a handful of niche products, you may not need the additional functionality that an enterprise grade platform brings.

Your Customer Base

Who are you selling to? Consumers? Other businesses? Wholesale customers? Some platforms are more suited to B2B sales than others. Whatever your target market, we can tailor a platform solution for you.


Does your site receive a steady predictable flow of traffic, or do you regularly feature in TV/Radio or online editorial campaigns that attract heavy traffic spikes? We can recommend solutions that will stand up to a sudden influx of traffic without falling over the next time you’re featured on a TV slot.

Your Budget & Preferred Billing Model

Depending on what you have set aside as budget for your online store, we can recommend a plan and solution to fit your needs. Do you prefer to pay annually for services? Some of our chosen platforms offer significant discounts for upfront investment

Your Team

What inhouse capacity do you have to manage your website? If you run a small business, and don’t have advanced technical knowledge, we can set you up with simple to use control panels to manage your ecommerce business. On the other hand, if you have an IT department you may have the resources to administer a more advanced enterprise grade solution.


Do you require a completely bespoke design applying to your website frontend, or would a rebranded, predesigned theme suit your business more? Each platform we recommended has varying degrees of customizability, so we will provide a tailored recommendation to suit.


Are you planning on managing your inventory from an external source? Do you need to connect to accounting software or a drop shipping partner? All of our solutions feature APIs and many have prebuilt connectors to popular software suites.

Your Chosen Payment & Delivery Partners

If you want to use a specific payment provider, or need to connect with a delivery partner, we can recommend the perfect platform to accommodate your requirements.