Bespoke Design

We offer completely bespoke ecommerce template design. We can transform every element of the storefront to match your branding and store image.We'll work with you to produce a brand new, unique design which will make your store stand out from the competition.
We can transform every element of the storefront to create a unique design that matches your branding and company image.

The discovery process

We start with a simple questionnaire that we have developed over years of working with clients, to better understand your needs and goals.

Discussing your requirements

The next step involves a chat, either face to face or over the phone, to better understand your requirements. Using the answers to the questionnaire, we will fill in the gaps and help build a complete overview of your project requirements.

Performance analysis

We review current sites visitor trends, traffic data and browser behaviour to build a picture of the current state of your website, in order to help us improve under-performing areas and capitalise on successful sections.

Workflow analysis

A review of your current business workflow, to gain an understanding of how you currently process orders on your existing website, how you work across additional channels, how you tie in with your inventory and accounting systems, and whether you wish to make integrations with existing and future applications and services.

Wireframe concepts

Using the data we have gathered from our fact finding stages, we will develop a wireframe plan of how we envision your website to function, including integration processes with external data sources or applications.

Draft designs

We now create a first version design based on your requirements and design overview. This is then presented to you in a digital format. This will give you an idea of the direction in which we will be taking your project. This will give you an opportunity to offer feedback, and if necessary we can create a second draft. When signed off we will begin creating final designs.

Final Design

Taking the design concepts, we will create a final, polished design based on your feedback. A style guide is set up for the development process. Everything is then presented as an interactive website mockup to give you an idea of how the website functions and fits together. When signed off, we will begin the development stage.


Using the designs as a guide, we will build your website on your chosen platform. Design assets, CSS, HTML, server side and client side applications are all created during this process.

Internal testing

Once development is signed off internally, we go test functionality, cross browser compatibility and platform settings to make the site production ready.

Customer testing and tweaks

Once the site is production ready we will ask you to check, test and review. If there are any areas which may need adjustment, we will work with you to address these. When happy, you can sign off for handover.


Our accounts team will raise the last stage paperwork and arrange for final payment. When finances have been settled, we will transfer the theme files to your platform.

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