Brick Lane: A Bold Theme Designed for Small Devices

Brick Lane: A Bold Theme Designed for Small Devices

We’re delighted to let you know our latest theme for BigCommerce, Brick Lane, is now available on the  BigCommerce Theme Store. Brick Lane is a bold theme designed specifically for smaller devices that offers instant impact. Ideal for fashion stores, this Brutalist inspired theme is at the forefront of current design trends. 

Global 3D Buttons

Simply changing the buttons to 3D can transform a store from being flat to an interactive experience. 3D may not suit every vertical so if you prefer a clean or classy look we have also provided 2D buttons.

Asymmetrical Layouts

A key design principle in brutalist design. It takes our brains longer to process asymmetrical layouts, therefore making them more interesting.

Scrolling Banner

We have provided options to have a scrolling banner on the homepage and the side cart. A scrolling banner is a cool way to capture people's attention at a specifically timed moment.

Navigation Position

Designed specifically for smaller devices, studies have shown it's easier to click the bottom half of a mobile screen. If you prefer the familiarity of having the navigation at the top of the screen, then we have provided this too.

Multiple Logos

We've provided a home page logo option so your store logo will never clash with the hero section. Easily add scalable vector logos to your store through the theme editor and WebDAV.

How to buy Brick Lane

If you're a BigCommerce user and find yourself in the market for a uniquely styled BigCommerce theme, or if you just want to find out more information, you can check out Brick Lane right here.