Brick Lane

A bold theme designed specifically for smaller devices that offers instant impact. Ideal for fashion stores, this Brutalist inspired theme is at the forefront of current design trends.
Brick Lane Home Page Image
A bold theme designed specifically for smaller devices that offers instant impact. Ideal for fashion stores, this Brutalist inspired theme is at the forefront of current design trends.
Brick Lane
Brick Lane
Brick Lane
Brick Lane Home Page Image
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Four Theme Variations Included









Inspired by the latest trend in design, Brutalism


Global 3D Buttons

Transform a store's look from simple and minimal to fun and interactive with the option to switch from 2D to 3D buttons.


Scrolling Banner

A scrolling banner is a cool way to capture people's attention at a specifically timed moment.


Asymmetrical Layouts

It takes our brains longer to process asymmetrical layouts, therefore making them more interesting.

Features at the forefront of UX


Navigation Position

For smaller devices, we made it so it's easier to tap the bottom half of your mobile screen. If you prefer the familiarity of having the navigation at the top, we've also included that option.


Multiple Logos

We've added a seperate home page logo option, so your store logo will never clash with the hero section. You can easily upload an SVG logo to your store using the theme editor and WebDAV.

New and Improved Sidebar Sections


All Web Pages in One Section

Save valuable space in the side menu by hiding all web pages in one section.


Scrolling Banner in Side Cart

Providing a banner in the side cart could make or break a sale!


Show Payment Methods In The Cart

This will show payment methods in the mini cart and cart page, below the checkout buttons

Cards Designed to Highlight Options


Color Swatches On Product Listings

Display color swatches on any product with a color swatch option in the category grid listing


Available Sizes On Product Listings

Show available sizes on the Product Listing Pages for any product with a size option


Image Hover Switcher

Switches the product thumbnail image on the category grid with a second alternative image on hover


One-Page Categories

Studies now show the optimal solution for loading new products in categories is the “Load More” button on a single page

Homepage Enhancements


Storyboard Mode

Eliminate banner blindness and increase conversions by removing the carousel and replacing with static hero banners


Featured Categories

Feature specific categories on the homepage with eye catching banners; these can be redirected to existing product categories


Homepage Instagram Feed

Link your Instagram feed to your store and display it on your home page with ease

Additional Theme Features


Newsletter Popup

This allows you to grow your mailing list and build relationships with the audience via email


Hide Breadcrumbs On Small Screens

Sometimes it’s a good idea to hide breadcrumbs on mobile where space is at a premium


Custom Tags And Labels

Store owners can attach a custom label to products listed in the category grid

Also included in Brick Lane

  • Frontpage Slideshow

  • Product Option Swatch Sizes

  • Preferred Price Labels

  • Price Ranges

  • Built in Blog Functionality

  • Fully Responsive

  • Hide Page Headings

  • Lazyloading Mode

  • Image Zoom

  • Side Cart

  • Sticky Navigation

  • Side Navigation

  • Custom Google Fonts

  • Product Showcase

  • Product Filtering

  • Product Comparison Table

  • Advanced Quick View

  • Customizable Product Selector

  • Quick Add-to-Cart

  • Stock Level on Product Listings

  • Hide Quantity Selection

  • Rename Warranty Box Label

  • Product Videos

  • Complex Search Filtering

  • Cart Suggested Products

  • Persistent Cart

  • One Page Check Out

  • Customized Check Out

  • Account Payment Methods

  • Free Customer Support

  • High Res Product Images

  • Google AMP

  • Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

  • Storefront CSRF Protection

  • Free Theme Updates

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