What is BigCommerce's Node-sass Update Warning?

What is BigCommerce's Node-sass Update Warning?

Some of our customers have received a node-sass update warning from BigCommerce concerning their active themes. We understand that receiving a message like this can be concerning, so we're here to provide some context and guidance on the necessary steps to update your theme.

The BigCommerce message states:

Action Required: Update your theme

Your storefront theme is using an outdated SCSS framework. You must update your theme before January 31, 2024 to avoid disruptions to your storefront. We have provided a draft updated theme for your consideration, please navigate to the channel manager to review and publish. For more information, please reference the article below.

The 'Learn More' button within the message links to this article provided by BigCommerce.

What's Causing This Message?

We've been in contact with the Theme Team at BigCommerce. It seems that the message has been automatically deployed to stores based on snapshots of their theme settings from several months ago. This means that if you updated your theme recently, you still may see this error message in your control panel.

Our team did a thorough review of the updates we applied to custom themes in response to BigCommerce's node-sass update. From this review, we’re confident that these updates do indeed comply with the documentation provided by BigCommerce. This means the node-sass update was correctly implemented onto your theme, and your store should be functioning as intended.

Are Flair Themes Compatible With the Update?

All latest versions of Flair's themes have been designed to be entirely compatible with the new SCSS framework. If you are currently using an unmodified Flair theme, simply update your theme to the latest version provided by us.

If you're using an older, customised theme, then we can help you get ready for the framework update by reviewing and fixing your theme files.

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Our Commitment to You

Your investment in Flair's services, inclusive of the node-sass update, is a matter we do not take lightly. We’re committed to ensuring your store functions as intended and providing an excellent service.

Remember, actively maintaining your theme is crucial to avoid any disruptions or vulnerabilities. Whether you’re using a Flair theme or not, if you encounter any issues while updating your theme or need assistance throughout the process, don't hesitate to reach out to our team.

We offer expert Theme Update and Code Review Services. Our team of professionals are equipped to upgrade your theme, ensuring compatibility with the SCSS framework. Additionally, you'll benefit from our Framework Update Guarantee.

Framework Update Guarantee

If you opt for our services, and you face a frontend issue related to the SCSS framework update after the switchover, our expert team will resolve it promptly and with no additional charges. 

If you have further questions or need more details, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We appreciate your patience and understanding, and look forward to helping you transition smoothly.

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