How Do I Fix a Broken Theme Feature?

How Do I Fix a Broken Theme Feature?

Theme features can break, but why they break is not always clear. App integrations, theme bugs, platform changes—there are many possible reasons for a feature to stop working.

Step 1: Check release notes of the theme

When bugs are found in a theme, they are logged and fixed as soon as possible. Fixes for identified bugs are included in new releases of a theme.

To see the most recent release and what it includes, go to the  release notes for the theme.

If the broken feature is described in the release notes

It's a good sign if you find a bug listed in the release notes that sounds like your broken theme feature. This means that ( a) it wasn't caused by any changes made on your end and (b) there is a fix available for it. 

Solution: Update your theme to the latest version

If the broken theme feature doesn't resemble what is described in the release notes, proceed to  Step 2.

Step 2: Check for backups in your store

It is common for merchants to create duplicates before making changes to a theme. Copies of the theme provide a sort of backup in case errors are encountered. They can also be used as a reference for troubleshooting broken theme features.

Check if the same error is present in the backup

Preview the backup(s) to test the error in these previous duplicates. If the same error is present in these duplicates, it most likely a bug in the theme. 

Solution: Update to the latest version (if using an older version) and contact theme support to confirm this is a known or unreported bug.

If the same error is not present in backup, proceed to  Step 3. If there is little difference between the backup and the live theme, it may be worthwhile to publish this duplicate until the broken theme feature is fixed.

Step 3: Compare to a default theme

Another way to determine if a theme has malfunctioned from individual changes or outside factors is to compare the theme to a blank (not customized) theme.

If you bought the theme from the BigCommerce Theme Store, go to  Storefront › My Themes

If theme feature works in the blank theme

The blank theme may not have the same error, which would indicate that the source of the issue is local to your store's changes. 

Solution: Transfer content from the broken theme to an operational theme.

If the theme feature is also broken in the blank theme, proceed to  Step 4.

Step 4: Contact theme support

Get in touch with our support team. Since you have completed steps 1-3, share this information with the agents to save reply time and arrive at a solution more quickly.

Contact theme support