Price Discount Badges highlight sale items

You’re running a great sale, you’ve worked out the pricing carefully, how can you make the most of it?  How do visitors know which products are reduced, and which have the best discounts? Eye-catching Price Discount Badges displayed next to products throughout your store draw attention to items on sale. Once installed, the badge only appears on products with a Retail Price and Sale Price.  It shows either the percentage discount you’re offering, or the value of the discount in your currency. Using the Add-on In BigCommerce, enter a Retail Price and Sale Price, then the module calculates the difference between them and displays it in the badge. Ecommerce Add-ons This is one of our add-ons for BigCommerce, Shopify and Lightspeed eCom that enhance the user experience and engage visitors. If you want to improve your store, but you’re not sure how, call us to find out.

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