One-Click Technology

Payment Gateways and Conversion

Most people working in the ecommerce industry will know the importance of ‘conversion’ and how the slightest mistake around the checkout process can increase the chance of an abandoned cart. It has been found, however, that by giving customers everything they require to complete their purchase, they’re more likely to convert to buyers. Simple I hear you say, but how do you do this? One way is by providing more than one payment gateway option for your customer to choose from. Read on to find how to choose the right payment gateway for your store and why customers are wanting ‘one-click’ technology. What is a Conversion Rate? First of all, for those that aren’t sure what a conversion rate is, the definition is “a numerical measure of potential customers that follow through to purchasing from your site. It is measured as the percentage of total visitors that end up buying from you.” Different Payment Gateways The definition […]

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