5 Minute Masterclass: Hiding Categories in BigCommerce with jQuery

There’s a hot topic at the moment on the Official BigCommerce Forums regarding hidden categories. Originally you could hide a category from being visible in the menu, but still link to it; ideal for landing pages or email promotions. This feature later disappeared, and now hidden categories are treated as disabled. Using a bit of jQuery, we can replicate the old feature by hiding menu links matching or containing specific keywords.

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5 Minute Masterclass: Changing Status Messages with jQuery

We’re currently waiting for access to the language.ini file and proper multi language support from BC. In the mean time we have to rely on 1) editing what labels we can through design mode, 2) deleting %%LNG.%% variables and replacing them with our own text or 3) using crude smart little hacks using jQuery. So for this 5 minute masterclass, I’m going to show you how to change a status message in the cart page with jQuery.

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