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The Effect of Google Hummingbird (Part 3 of 4)

Go back to Part 1: Keywords should not be the main focus of organic search Go back to Part 2: Google Changes, Results “(not provided)” What Effect Does Hummingbird Have on Search Results? Previously, a search query weighed almost all words equally. Hummingbird tries to figure out what a user’s intent is. So if you’re searching on a particular subject, it will take the words and try to work out what you’re trying to find by analysing the way the question is structured. Let’s imagine I’m looking for bedroom furniture.  If the question is phrased as “where can I buy bunk beds”, Google previously focus on finding matches for words. So the website owner may have optimised the keyword “bunk beds” or to try and get a better result for that search query they might try to get that entire phrase into a page(s) as an exact match, we would […]

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