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The Effect of Google Hummingbird (Part 4 of 4)

Go back to Part 1: Keywords should not be the main focus of organic search Go back to Part 2: Google Changes, Results “(not provided)” Go back to Part 3: Hummingbird’s Effect on Search Results?, Conversational Search Optimising After Hummingbird These articles were only intended to explain why we at Flair might not suggest the typical things you may have heard is involved with SEO any more, and why keyword data isn’t going to be readily available, so we’re not going into detail on optimisation techniques here. However, we can put how to optimise now in a nutshell, summed up by what I’ve often said to clients in the past, and it’s true now more than ever: concentrate on the person who visits your website and engaging with them, don’t worry about the Search Engine(s) We all ‘worry’ about the Search Engine(s) anyway 😉 but if you concentrate on engaging […]

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The Effect of Google Hummingbird (Part 2 of 4)

Go back to Part 1: Keywords should not be the main focus of organic search Google Changes It has often been said “content is king” but Google’s updates have been designed to make that true more than ever, that the content of your site is more and more important than any other factors. So forget keyword stuffing practices (repeating a specific word or phrase numerous times on a page) – you shouldn’t have been doing that for some time now! – and instead make relevant information available to your users. It’s all about relevancy and user experience. This is one reason why websites that have followed good SEO practise won’t have been penalised much or at all by the recent changes.  If the content was – and still is – good, the website should still appear. Hummingbird is just the latest and biggest of many updates.  SEO impacts including algorithm […]

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The Effect of Google Hummingbird (Part 1 of 4)

Keywords should not be the main focus of organic search. You may be surprised to read this from me, particularly if you’re considering working with us on your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)! So, why do I say that?  It’s because if you’re only concerned with getting a website to a specific page or position on Google for one (or a few specific) keyword(s), you may succeed, but you may also waste effort by misunderstanding what Google have been moving toward for quite some time now. Hummingbird is the latest, and biggest, move toward Google ‘rewarding’ websites that work toward delivering good content and therefore having relevant authority across a website.  Part of this is having “conversational key phrases” on a website, rather than the ‘old’ SEO of keywords shoe-horned into pages and paragraphs for their own sake. So, read on to find a summary of […]

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