Jane Packer Delivered

Flair provided a consultancy package for international florist Jane Packer Ltd’s new BigCommerce website. We worked closely with their production team to help them launch the new online flower delivery service. We also produced a modified version of our delivery date picker module which allows customisation of available and unavailable delivery dates.

29th November 2016 ,

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Girls Love Pearls

Girls Love Pearls original site was a Joomla solution. After choosing to move to BigCommerce, they asked us to transfer their existing design and port it to the new software. Flair were able to transfer the look and feel, preserving most features and introducing new ones compatible with BigCommerce.

17th April 2016 ,

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Of Cabbages and Kings

This was a project co-produced with design partners Something-Somewhere. Flairs role was to transfer the new concept designs onto the BigCommerce platform. We were able to precisely replicate everything in the designs due to the excellent and flexible templating system BigCommerce has.

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Regent Gifts

Regent Gifts asked us to create a custom template type for their Swarovski crystal beads, to display them in a list rather than the standard grid view on the rest of the site.

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