Food & Drink

The Brilliant Bakers

Our client wanted us to redevelop their existing Interspire Shopping Cart site using BigCommerce and our ProStore framework. Features include improved navigation, advertising areas and our custom date picker module which allows detailed control of delivery dates available to end users.

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The Wedding Cake Store

We were approached by The Wedding Cake Store to create a design for their new BigCommerce store, and to provide custom scripting for customers to pick their delivery dates on the product page. The new date picker also helps our client to specify unavailable dates.

17th December 2015 ,

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The Cake Store

One of Londons most famous cake makers, suppliers of Harrods and featured on Channel 4 program “Heston’s Feasts” used Flair to help them release their third BigCommerce installation and relaunch their site.

27th April 2015 ,

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